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Quality guarantee 

TBB Bearing Provision Co., Ltd is committed to offering qualified bearings to our customers. Good quality is our strategic imperative. On-time delivery of excellent quality bearings with competitive prices is the core of company's development. 

TBB requires every supplier to provide inspection report of every production step and final product quality report.


*Quality policy:

The goal of TBB company is to be the NO.1 exporter of all types bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings to the bearing industry & OEM marketplace. And we are recognized as the premier choice by our global customers. 

1) Answer in 48 hours after inquiry received.

2) Delivery time accuracy with rate of 98%

3) Complaint rate less than 2%, which handled within 7 days

4) Striving for 100% qualified bearings

5) Knowing by responsibility


*Customer Service:

TBB Bearing Provision Co., Ltd welcomes your suggestions and consulting. Any questions about the bearing quality or delivery time, please contact our sales representatives directly. TBB Customer Service Team consists of multiple linguists who know bearing industry well, like English, Japanese, Russian, Cantonese & etc. Customers are welcomed to use their mother language.


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