Green Manufacturing development of China Industry in 2017

News of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). In order to promote green manufacturing, to guide sustainable development of environmental protective equipment manufacturing, MIIT is soliciting public opinion on the Draft Guidelines on Speeding up development of environmental protective equipment manufacturing. The Draft Guidelines puts forward that, by2020, the innovation-drive industry development system will be basically completed with obviously promoted industrial innovation ability and key-core technology obtaining new breakthrough.

Since “Twelve-Five” the scale of environmental protective equipment manufacturing has been expanding rapidly, the development mode has been innovated continuously, and the service field has been widened. The technical level greatly promotes, main equipment manufacturing realizes domestically, the industrial overall level has obtained the leaping development.

This year is the “Atmosphere 10” year, the atmosphere governance market space will continue to release, atmospheric governance to maintain a high degree of prosperity. The new revised “Water Pollution Prevention Law” for the new situation to strengthen water pollution control, to ensure that the prevention and control objectives to provide a solid legal support, positive water treatment industry long-term development.

Recently, overall industries in China are facing highest environmental rectification measurements. Many illegal factories are collapsed or closed for clean-up & rectification, and good ones survive in the market. China industry is to scale a new height.

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